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What I Did Yesterday, A List

I feel the need every now and again to remind myself how far I’ve come since I first became a stay-at-home mom and, at first, could barely get dressed every day. (I actually made it a New Year’s resolution to get dressed every day, which actually worked.) I, obviously, didn’t get to write this yesterday, but I did do a lot of things yesterday and I’m kind of proud of myself for how much I got done. Here it all is, in a list in no particular order:

  • cooked Potato Leek soup from scratch (including previously made stock)
  • cooked Mac & Cheese from scratch (well, not the pasta, but whatever…)
  • baked Chocolate Chip & Chocolate and Toffee Chip cookies
  • washed, dried and put away a load of diapers
  • vacuumed the living room carpet and sofa
  • washed almost all of the dishes from cooking, baking, and preparing dinner
  • made salad and rolls (the pop-can kind, haven’t mastered bread yet) for dinner to accompany the Potato soup
  • didn’t have my kid watching tv all day while I did all this cooking and such
  • made breakfast and lunch for kiddo and I, and cleaned up (including scrubbing the high chair that had been covered in yogurt)
  • read the same books I’ve already read a zillion times a few more times
  • had an afternoon dance party with the kiddo
  • went to the gym and walked/ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes
  • showered (Yeah, I’m listing that since when I first had kiddo, it was not something I felt comfortable fitting into the day for whatever reason. Yeah, being a new mom is wacky.)

There you have it. I, by no means, do all of this on a regular basis. Many days we sit around playing in various parts of the house with kiddo wearing only a diaper, so yeah. In fact, I feel compelled to mention that she didn’t actually get dressed until it was almost dinner time. She was in only a diaper up till then. Can’t do it all, can you?

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Stock (To make your own, see page whatever)

It’s oddly frustrating that it takes the possibility of making food for a pregnant (now new mom) friend to get me to try recipes I always thought were too something. Not hard, but just not something I felt it necessary to try. Stock was one of those things. I was contemplating making mushroom barley soup for aforementioned friend, when I read “beef, chicken or vegetable stock (to make your own, see page ***) or water” in the list of ingredients. It took me a while to think about it, figuring I’d either buy some vegetable stock (she’s vegetarian) and use that with water. Then I realized I had some not so awesome looking (as in a little wilt-y but not *bad* per se) veggies in the fridge that’d be great for boiling to death to make stock.┬áNeedless to say, I made a huge batch of vegetable stock and used it to make a double batch of mushroom barley soup, as well as some lentil and sausage soup for us. In my humble opinion, the soups turned out awesome.┬áI also had some zucchinis that had no obvious future, so I grated them up and made zucchini muffins, some with pecans and some with chocolate chips.

I say oddly frustrating, since it points to a trend in which I am almost completely externally motivated. It’s something I’m working on, trying or doing things because I want to or because I think they are the right thing to do, rather than think about how someone else might react. I’m looking forward to taking this new recipe motivation and making new foods for my own family. I really do like cooking, I just get stuck in recipe ruts sometimes. Hopefully getting excited about trying new recipes will stave off the next rut for a while.

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