What I Did Yesterday, A List

16 Sep

I feel the need every now and again to remind myself how far I’ve come since I first became a stay-at-home mom and, at first, could barely get dressed every day. (I actually made it a New Year’s resolution to get dressed every day, which actually worked.) I, obviously, didn’t get to write this yesterday, but I did do a lot of things yesterday and I’m kind of proud of myself for how much I got done. Here it all is, in a list in no particular order:

  • cooked Potato Leek soup from scratch (including previously made stock)
  • cooked Mac & Cheese from scratch (well, not the pasta, but whatever…)
  • baked Chocolate Chip & Chocolate and Toffee Chip cookies
  • washed, dried and put away a load of diapers
  • vacuumed the living room carpet and sofa
  • washed almost all of the dishes from cooking, baking, and preparing dinner
  • made salad and rolls (the pop-can kind, haven’t mastered bread yet) for dinner to accompany the Potato soup
  • didn’t have my kid watching tv all day while I did all this cooking and such
  • made breakfast and lunch for kiddo and I, and cleaned up (including scrubbing the high chair that had been covered in yogurt)
  • read the same books I’ve already read a zillion times a few more times
  • had an afternoon dance party with the kiddo
  • went to the gym and walked/ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes
  • showered (Yeah, I’m listing that since when I first had kiddo, it was not something I felt comfortable fitting into the day for whatever reason. Yeah, being a new mom is wacky.)

There you have it. I, by no means, do all of this on a regular basis. Many days we sit around playing in various parts of the house with kiddo wearing only a diaper, so yeah. In fact, I feel compelled to mention that she didn’t actually get dressed until it was almost dinner time. She was in only a diaper up till then. Can’t do it all, can you?

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