Something about my kid.

13 Oct

I’ve written a few posts about my culinary adventures, but not anything about my kiddo. I’d like to, at least for my own reference, write about our average day. We don’t really have a schedule or any organized daily activities. We mostly just play it by ear.

Firstly, I have to explain that, for as long as I can remember, kiddo’s had a let’s say different sleep schedule than most kids. She’s always been a night owl, so lately she nurses to sleep somewhere between 930 and 1030, depending on whether we’re home during the evening, when we had dinner, when her nap was, etc. We wake up anywhere between 830 and 930, with some days of early waking closer to 8 and some days of sleeping in closer to 10, depending on when she fell asleep the night before, how well she slept, etc.

Back when she was taking two naps a day, we’d have breakfast around 9 or 10, nap from noon or so to 2, then lunch around 3, then another nap around 5 or 6. Husband was getting home from work around 7 or so, so we’d either be napping or getting up to start dinner when he was getting home. Now that kiddo only takes one nap, our daily routine really is based a lot on when we wake up and how active we are after breakfast. If we’re having a lazy day and just sitting around the house playing, we’ll have lunch then a nap around 2 or 3. If we went for a walk after breakfast or, our new thing a few weeks ago, we go to the Y and she plays in the kid zone while I do Couch to 5K, then we go to the pool, she’ll take a nap closer to 1, then we’ll have a late lunch afterwards.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that we play it by ear with most of what we do every day. Meals aren’t at a set time, let alone a time that most people would be having those meals. Things aren’t all relaxed breakfasts and super fun times, though. With the go with the flow pace, it’s a little more difficult to get out of the house when we don’t actually have to get anywhere. It’s hard for me to feel a sense of urgency to get us somewhere if she’s having fun reading books or running around playing. Complicating matters is I’m not necessarily so enthused to get anywhere myself, even though I have a feeling in the back of my mind that it might be better for both of us if we do.

Places we sometimes get to include the Y kid zone and pool, the awesome playground that unfortunately requires a 20 minute drive (the playground that’s five blocks away is the school playground, so not open during school hours), the library (though not as often as we could), or just a walk around the neighborhood (to the coffeeshop, short shopping trips, pet store, farmers’ market or just for a walk). Do we need more fun destinations? Do I need to just get us out of the house and stop putzing around? Should I just stop worrying about it?


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2 responses to “Something about my kid.

  1. Courtney

    December 16, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I somehow missed a bunch of your more recent posts, and I love reading about what you and Grace are up to. Because I am a stalker, obviously. Anyway, I vote you live your life in whatever way works best for your family. We have a lot more structure to our week, with a couple of organized activities, and a goal to get our of the house for some amount of time every day before lunch, but it is mostly because I get depressed and lonely when I spend too much time at home, and when I feel that way my patience for 2 year old antics decreases markedly. Also there is no nap here anymore, most of the time which makes for a loooooong day if we don’t go somewhere.

    • foodbabymama

      December 16, 2011 at 6:19 pm

      I like to try to get Grace some time with other kids at least once a week. That usually means a trip to the playground, but now that it’s getting colder, it’s usually the Y. I think I need to just stop worrying about it, since she doesn’t have any problem playing with other kids (that would make me feel like I’d need to get her more time with other kids if she was more tentative or whatever). I think I’d go bonkers if she didn’t nap, either that or we’d definitely be out of the house almost every day.


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