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Quick & Cute: Sniffing

Recently, Grace has taken to doing this amazingly cute sniffing thing. She sniffs the air and says something like, “I smell something!” Then she does her tiptoe walk over to whatever food it is that she’s smelling, and does the sniffing thing again. Sometimes she says something like, “I smell *insert whatever food it is*. It smells yummy.” If it’s something she’s about to eat anyway as a meal or snack, she starts eating it. If it’s something that’s on a counter or that I’m eating, she’ll ask me for some. Another aspect of this is that she’ll have this eager look on her face like she’s about to eat the most delicious food ever, and smelling it is so exciting.

It’s just something cute that I felt compelled to document in some way. Hopefully it’ll become a semi-regular part of my blog (just like hopefully I’ll actually some day write on a somewhat regular basis).

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Posted by on January 12, 2012 in baby