Medicine. Yay?

11 Feb

Coughing and coughing, off and on during the day, then waking her up early in the morning or keeping her from sleeping well during a nap. Then so much coughing she threw up a bit. Ped appointment where her lungs and throat were fine, so ped diagnosed reflux. Kiddo was all excited about going to the pharmacy to get her medicine. She seemed quite enthusiastic.

Then it came time to actually take the medicine. Many things I’ve read (and some of what I vaguely remember from my peds rotation in nursing school) say things like “give the child choices like when to take the medicine or what to drink afterwards” or “don’t put medicine in juice so you know that they’ve taken it all, offer juice afterwards instead”. First I asked her if she wanted to take the medicine before lunch or after. She chose after. So after lunch, I asked her if she wanted to drink some water or juice after she took the medicine. She said juice. Then I asked if she wanted to take the medicine from a spoon or a cup. She said spoon. I poured the juice and I poured the medicine into the spoon, and she flipped out that she didn’t want to take it.

We argued for a while, she went to the potty and wouldn’t come back downstairs for a while, we stalled and delayed and postponed. Finally, daddy had the brilliant idea of using a syringe that we had from when kiddo was a newborn and we did syringe feeding. He squirted it right in her mouth.

I should’ve just done the same thing this morning, but we went through the whole shebang again. Arguing, yelling, frustration, avoidance via the bathroom, etc. for over an hour. Halfway through, she drank half of the medicine from a cup, then spit it out again. Finally, she let me use the syringe and squirt it in her mouth with juice waiting to drink right after. Finally, we were done the second dose of a twice a day for at least two weeks round of reflux medicine. I’m hopeful that the syringe method will reduce the arguing to a minimum. Breakfast dose has juice after and after dinner dose has a popsicle (or something dessert-like) after.

There are probably a zillion things I did wrong and a zillion things I should’ve done differently and a zillion people who would yell, with an accusatory tone, “you’re being too permissive! Who’s parenting whom?” or some such. I am open to suggestions of how to make this whole process work smoother, things I haven’t thought of, but not if they’re of the “show her who’s boss” mindset.


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3 responses to “Medicine. Yay?

  1. Courtney

    February 11, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    My only suggestion is- target will dye and flavor medicine. But that doesn’t really help you, if you already filled the prescription. My girl has only ever had medicine once- antibiotics that I am still not entirely sure I should have given her. It was pink and she was thrilled. So I am no help. I hope the medicine helps, and things get easier.

    • foodbabymama

      February 12, 2012 at 5:08 pm

      She’s definitely coughing less and sleeping more, which is awesome. (Although today she has a horrible runny nose, so not as much of a total win.) The frustrating thing is seconds after she’s done taking the medicine, she’s all smiles and says “I feel better”. I wish she could remember how easy it is and how fine she feels after and not argue for forever beforehand. I’ll keep Target in mind for next time. Thing is, I love my pharmacy since a) they’re independently owned, b) they have awesome hours (8am-10pm every day, IIRC) and c) they have an awesome candy counter which I would be really sad if it wasn’t there anymore. I will keep it in mind, though…

      • Courtney

        February 12, 2012 at 7:03 pm

        Maybe next time you are there ask about medicine flavoring? It sounds like the target thing is an additive, so I don’t see why any other pharmacy couldn’t do the same thing. Maybe it’s something they could do or look into? I am all for supporting independently owned businesses. We do not have any such pharmacies around here. And I will admit, I do sometimes take the quick and business like approach over a more persuasive respectful approach when it is something non-optional. I think I give her enough respect and freedom in other areas, that I am not unduly traumatizing her, by making her put on shoes (or whatever) when time is of the essence.


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