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Pregnancy Post: 26 Weeks

[We’re just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t written anything about my pregnancy until now.]

Last Wednesday, I had my 26 week prenatal appointment. I had the gestational diabetes screening (with orange juice instead of glucola). Blood pressure, fetal heart rate and weight were all good. At my 22 week appointment, I was measuring 24 cm, and now I’m measuring 30 cm. The midwife reassured me that the measurements had a 2 cm wiggle room, and that there were many reasons I could be measuring a little bit larger than expected. She wasn’t worried, so I’m trying not to worry.

Coincidentally, it was last week that I started having stomach capacity issues. It took me a few days or so, but I’ve figured out that I can eat from half to 2/3 of what I normally eat at a meal without feeling like I’m going to explode. The first few meals, I just felt like I was going to vomit for hours after the meal. Then one day I felt like I couldn’t eat anything, and was somewhat worried that my first trimester food aversion (everything sounded and smelled disgusting and I had to force myself to eat at times) was back, but it only lasted a day or so.

I’m gradually getting used to this new food limitation, as I’m gradually getting used to the limitations in my activity. I’m mostly able to keep up with my energetic little one as well as keep up with some housekeeping, as long as I make sure to rest throughout the day. I also have to pay more attention to what position I’m sleeping. Overdoing it in the garden plus sleeping in a less optimal position left me with almost a week of back pain that I’d like to avoid.

My belly is only going to get bigger. I’m only going to have to run (waddle) to the bathroom more frequently. I’ll probably get into a better habit of sleeping when Grace sleeps (such as for naps). Bring it on.


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Lazy Sunday

Husband took kiddo to his parents’ house to watch her while he’s out for a bit, so that means I’m on my own at home. What do I do with my time? Shower, some laundry, lounge on the couch and watch episodes of Doctor Who. (Yes, I’m also writing this post, but who’s counting?)

Could I have done something more productive? Could I have gotten more done? Written a more intelligent/intellectual post? Gotten back to a hobby I haven’t done in a while? Read a book?

Probably, but rest is good, too.

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Toddlers are helpful.

Some of the ways Grace “helps” me throughout the day:

When getting dressed, she’ll open the drawers and pick out my underwear, socks, shirt and pants for me (always in that order). Sometimes she helps me put on my pants or socks.
When using the bathroom, she opens the toilet lid for me, holds my hand as I sit down on the toilet, pushes on my knees to “help push the pee out”, pulls up my pants (and sometimes zips them), closes and flushes the toilet.
She likes to open the bathroom cabinet and hand me my deodorant. She likes to open the bathroom cabinet to grab her toothbrush and toothpaste. She likes to open the kitchen cabinet to grab her reflux medicine. (Her getting things from the cabinets means I have to hold her up so she can reach.) If I’m carrying her from room to room, she likes to turn the lights off and on.
She doesn’t always do all of these things every time, but there’s always the possibility of her wanting to do all of these things every time looming over me like a rain cloud, threatening a storm if I neglect to let her help. It’s possible to get something done on my own, but there’s always the possibility that if I “forget” to ask her if she wants to help in some way, she’ll freak out and we’ll have to go back and start whatever it is over from the beginning (which is not always possible, especially if we’re talking about the bathroom).

As one can imagine, we have a pretty specific morning routine where Grace “helps” me get dressed before breakfast. It’s a good thing we don’t have to get anywhere in a hurry every morning, but then again it’s probably because we don’t have a place to be that we were able to develop this drawn out routine. I’m trying to think of something funny to say about toddlers and routines and whatnot that can end this post, but I’m coming up blank so I’ll just say that life is good.

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Cleanliness, housekeeping, excess.

My parents (I almost said my mother, like it was only her responsibility even though both parents worked outside the home…but that’s a post for some other day when I’m feeling more political) were never great at home maintenance in terms of house cleaning. Cleaning was something to be done in binges before company came over (or for whatever other reason), but we never really got in to a weekly or even monthly cleaning routine. I did have some friends with weekly chores. One friend even had a weekly cleaning time that she would participate in with her whole family, everyone doing their part to keep the house clean. I somewhat kept my room as tidy as i wanted it to be, but never actually cleaned as in dusting or vacuuming.

This makes it sound like our house was a pit of dirt, which it wasnt. Somehow cleaning happened but it was never really on a regular basis and I wouldnt be able to begin to tell you who did what and when. Part of that, though, is due to my inability to remember much of my childhood. (Again, a post for another time and another mindset.) Read the rest of this entry »


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