Nesting or preparing for the apocalypse?

17 May

I’ve recently taken to preparing for the birth of our second child, doing all of the normal nesting-type stuff one reads about in pregnancy books or articles on what you need when your baby’s born. I’ve been cleaning, organizing, putting food in the freezer, all of that normal stuff. I’ve also, apparently, been preparing for the apocolypse.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing like those who prepare their homes for the end of days. I’ve stocked up on paper products from Costco, so, for example, we don’t need to buy toilet paper, etc. for the next 6 months. Also, we have enough oatmeal for a similar time period (unless I go crazy and make tons of lactation cookies). I’ve been making lists of foods, both for meals and snacks, that I can stock up on as we get closer to the due date. I’ve been working on all of those little cleaning or organizing tasks that I’ve been thinking about but never actually finding time for. (When I was pregnant with Grace, I gave myself permission to not scrub the tub grout and it taunted me every time I took a shower until I finally had the energy and time to clean it. Yesterday, I vacuumed the back staircase which I’d been meaning to do since 2011. There was no way I’d be walking up and down the stairs with a newborn looking at the same fluff of dust that’d been there for months. I might empty and scrub the flatware drawer.)

For some reason, getting closer to the birth makes me feel like I’m entering some sort of quarantine. I did similar things towards the end of my pregnancy with Grace. Intellectually, I know that the world doesn’t disappear once a baby is born. Target and grocery stores and everywhere else don’t cease to exist because I have a baby. Despite the fact that I might not be up to going out to the store doesn’t mean that someone else can’t go to the store for me. I know this, yet still I’m trying to prepare for what feels like the inevitable, that we’ll need to be prepared for weeks or months of being holed up at home.

I’m sure being as prepared as I can can only help. I’m not really trying to prepare for the apocalypse, either. I mean, I’m not getting us freeze-dried meals or anything, just stocking up on stuff for the freezer and pantry so we only have to think about the perishables for the first weeks post-birth. This frantic preparation also probably is related to my inability to imagine what life will be like once there’s two kids in my family, so at least I’ll be able to go to the kitchen and find some food even as every other aspect of our lives are in disarray. That’s a topic for a different post, though.

Did you prepare for the postpartum period by stocking up like I’m doing? Any tips, advice, words of wisdom for someone going from one kid to two?


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2 responses to “Nesting or preparing for the apocalypse?

  1. judithkingston

    December 9, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    I realise you wrote this some time ago, but just wanted to say: I did the same thing! My second child was born in September and I made lists and lists of urgent business that I was sure would be forgotten in a kind of baby-amnesia, paid bills ahead of time, filled up the freezer with toddler-portions of meals etc. I then found to my surprise that when the baby arrived the world did not end, and I was able to just do most of the things on my apocalypse-list myself without too much hassle. I will keep reading your blog now so hopefully I’ll find out, but I hope you found baby number two to be equally easy!

    • foodbabymama

      December 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm

      The sad thing is it’s not like my husband couldn’t have just gone to the grocery store or paid the bills or whatever if I was busy with kid stuff, and that’s exactly what happened. It was good to be prepared, but it’s not like we don’t live 5 minutes from whatever store we’d need to go to.
      Kid #2 has actually been easier since I didn’t have the breastfeeding problems I had with #1. It was just more complicated by the presence of an older child, but not harder.


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