Story Idea for Monsters Inc. 3

21 Dec

We’ve been watching Monsters Inc. pretty frequently lately, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of overthinking. How does Boo draw so well for a 2 year old? The thing that’s so wrong about Randall’s machine is that it’s basically torture and the difference between scaring and his machine. How Roz closes her desk window when the CDA comes and is that foreshadowing or just an expected response to the CDA? What does the juxtaposition of the one guy saying he and George are like brothers and then him calling a 2319 imply? See?

Anyway, with the next movie coming out as a prequel, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see as a sequel to the original story. What I’ve come up with is that somehow a parent finds out about the monster world and a kid (or a few kids) team up with Mike and Sulley to show the parent that they shouldn’t be afraid of the monster world and that they shouldn’t tell other parents/authorities about it either. Perhaps it’s Boo as an older child (older elementary school age, maybe) as one of the kids showing the parent around OR maybe it’s Boo as a parent and Mike, Sulley and Boo’s kids have to remind her about how much fun she had in monster world and how she changed everything for the better.

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