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Bassinet of doom…

I know that newborns are accustomed to being held (so to speak) constantly since that’s what it felt like in the womb. I know that the feeling of hunger is a new, possibly confusing feeling. I was prepared for and am totally content with holding and nursing my newborn baby whenever and for as long as she wants.

On the other hand, sometimes I have to tend to my other child or (heaven forbid) use the bathroom (something that I have not figured out how to do one handed while holding a baby). In these instances, I put my newborn down either in her bouncy seat if she’s awake or her bassinet if she’s sleeping. She is ok with sitting in the bouncy seat for at least the few minutes I need to run to the bathroom or start making lunch or whatever. The bassinet is a lot more tricky.

Nine times out of ten, when I put her in the bassinet, she wakes up three or so minutes later with a wet diaper. Every once in a rare while, she’ll stay asleep for 10-25 minutes, which I consider a successful transfer from my lap to the basinet. Those other, more frequent times, are way more frustrating. It’s not like I can check her diaper without fear of waking her up before I transfer her, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure this bassinet is having some sort of diuretic effect on my baby. I’m pretty sure the moment I let go from placing her in the bassinet, some sort of something magic happens where she pees, and then moments later realizes it, wakes up and starts crying.

I’m trying very hard not to let this discourage me from continuing my attempts to successfully transfer her to the bassinet, especially when those rare times do happen and I can make lunch with two hands. (I also know that were I more adept at babywearing (and more comfortable using a more simple carrier like a sling), I would be able to do more things with both hands.) I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence, but it doesn’t feel like it when, for the fifth time in a day, I put her down then five minutes later have to change a wet diaper.

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Toddlers are helpful.

Some of the ways Grace “helps” me throughout the day:

When getting dressed, she’ll open the drawers and pick out my underwear, socks, shirt and pants for me (always in that order). Sometimes she helps me put on my pants or socks.
When using the bathroom, she opens the toilet lid for me, holds my hand as I sit down on the toilet, pushes on my knees to “help push the pee out”, pulls up my pants (and sometimes zips them), closes and flushes the toilet.
She likes to open the bathroom cabinet and hand me my deodorant. She likes to open the bathroom cabinet to grab her toothbrush and toothpaste. She likes to open the kitchen cabinet to grab her reflux medicine. (Her getting things from the cabinets means I have to hold her up so she can reach.) If I’m carrying her from room to room, she likes to turn the lights off and on.
She doesn’t always do all of these things every time, but there’s always the possibility of her wanting to do all of these things every time looming over me like a rain cloud, threatening a storm if I neglect to let her help. It’s possible to get something done on my own, but there’s always the possibility that if I “forget” to ask her if she wants to help in some way, she’ll freak out and we’ll have to go back and start whatever it is over from the beginning (which is not always possible, especially if we’re talking about the bathroom).

As one can imagine, we have a pretty specific morning routine where Grace “helps” me get dressed before breakfast. It’s a good thing we don’t have to get anywhere in a hurry every morning, but then again it’s probably because we don’t have a place to be that we were able to develop this drawn out routine. I’m trying to think of something funny to say about toddlers and routines and whatnot that can end this post, but I’m coming up blank so I’ll just say that life is good.

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Medicine. Yay?

Coughing and coughing, off and on during the day, then waking her up early in the morning or keeping her from sleeping well during a nap. Then so much coughing she threw up a bit. Ped appointment where her lungs and throat were fine, so ped diagnosed reflux. Kiddo was all excited about going to the pharmacy to get her medicine. She seemed quite enthusiastic.

Then it came time to actually take the medicine. Read the rest of this entry »


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Quick & Cute: Sniffing

Recently, Grace has taken to doing this amazingly cute sniffing thing. She sniffs the air and says something like, “I smell something!” Then she does her tiptoe walk over to whatever food it is that she’s smelling, and does the sniffing thing again. Sometimes she says something like, “I smell *insert whatever food it is*. It smells yummy.” If it’s something she’s about to eat anyway as a meal or snack, she starts eating it. If it’s something that’s on a counter or that I’m eating, she’ll ask me for some. Another aspect of this is that she’ll have this eager look on her face like she’s about to eat the most delicious food ever, and smelling it is so exciting.

It’s just something cute that I felt compelled to document in some way. Hopefully it’ll become a semi-regular part of my blog (just like hopefully I’ll actually some day write on a somewhat regular basis).

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On learning and bathrooms.

Warning: This post contains talk of using the toilet, which means the words “pee” and “poop” will be used.

About three weeks ago or so, we had “No More Diapers” Day. I had been talking with another parent after swim class about how she’d used a potty training method where you set a timer and have your kid sit on the potty for a few minutes every hour for the first few days. There was more to it than that, but I just took that initial idea and decided to run with it. The first few days, we set the timer for an hour and if she didn’t immediately do something, we’d read her a couple of books so she’d sit for a few minutes. Slowly, over the next week or so, we were more lax about the sitting if she didn’t have to go and we were more lax about setting the timer.

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A few early thoughts on home school

I know I have a few years before even thinking about kiddo going to kindergarten, but I tend to start my overthinking and research way early when it comes to major decisions like this, so here I go. Let me start by saying that I know many teachers (my mother was a teacher as well), and I respect them and their chosen profession. By contemplating and possibly choosing home schooling, I in no way intend to give the impression that I think all teachers are horrible or that school is horrible. This first post is my initial organization of thoughts. I’m open to any discussion or questions that might help me better organize my position on home schooling. (I’m also open to the possibility that I will change my mind about home schooling and that public school might work better for our family.) With that said, here are a few thoughts on home schooling.

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Something about my kid.

I’ve written a few posts about my culinary adventures, but not anything about my kiddo. I’d like to, at least for my own reference, write about our average day. We don’t really have a schedule or any organized daily activities. We mostly just play it by ear.

Firstly, I have to explain that, for as long as I can remember, kiddo’s had a let’s say different sleep schedule than most kids. She’s always been a night owl, so lately she nurses to sleep somewhere between 930 and 1030, depending on whether we’re home during the evening, when we had dinner, when her nap was, etc. We wake up anywhere between 830 and 930, with some days of early waking closer to 8 and some days of sleeping in closer to 10, depending on when she fell asleep the night before, how well she slept, etc.

Back when she was taking two naps a day, we’d have breakfast around 9 or 10, nap from noon or so to 2, then lunch around 3, then another nap around 5 or 6. Husband was getting home from work around 7 or so, so we’d either be napping or getting up to start dinner when he was getting home. Now that kiddo only takes one nap, our daily routine really is based a lot on when we wake up and how active we are after breakfast. If we’re having a lazy day and just sitting around the house playing, we’ll have lunch then a nap around 2 or 3. If we went for a walk after breakfast or, our new thing a few weeks ago, we go to the Y and she plays in the kid zone while I do Couch to 5K, then we go to the pool, she’ll take a nap closer to 1, then we’ll have a late lunch afterwards.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that we play it by ear with most of what we do every day. Meals aren’t at a set time, let alone a time that most people would be having those meals. Things aren’t all relaxed breakfasts and super fun times, though. With the go with the flow pace, it’s a little more difficult to get out of the house when we don’t actually have to get anywhere. It’s hard for me to feel a sense of urgency to get us somewhere if she’s having fun reading books or running around playing. Complicating matters is I’m not necessarily so enthused to get anywhere myself, even though I have a feeling in the back of my mind that it might be better for both of us if we do.

Places we sometimes get to include the Y kid zone and pool, the awesome playground that unfortunately requires a 20 minute drive (the playground that’s five blocks away is the school playground, so not open during school hours), the library (though not as often as we could), or just a walk around the neighborhood (to the coffeeshop, short shopping trips, pet store, farmers’ market or just for a walk). Do we need more fun destinations? Do I need to just get us out of the house and stop putzing around? Should I just stop worrying about it?


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