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First trip to the gym of 2014

It’s already the 9th of January, but I finally went to the gym for the first time this year. I even gave Grace at least five times to say she didn’t want to go, but alas I could not use her as an excuse not to get to the gym. It helps that both she and Charlotte love the kid zone at the Ambler Y, so she was pretty excited to go. I didn’t feel like I wanted to or had to start over at the beginning of couch 2 5k, so I started with what I’d done last, which was day 1 of week 2 (alternate 90 seconds of jogging and 2 minutes of walking for 20 minutes). Here is a list of unorganized thoughts that I had while doing the work out and since:

*it took us longer to get dressed, shoes on, jackets on and into the car than we were at the Y, but we got there so whatever

*running with no music is a complete fail, but Caravan Palace pandora channel is a win

*I was really tempted to compare what the treadmill said were my calories burned to food in some way, but then I said screw it. I’m trying to eat what I want (as in, what I really want to be eating, not just eating all the junk food), not what I think I should be eating, so no.

*We didn’t have time to get to the pool after I did my workout, so we’re thinking of going again tomorrow. That won’t kill me, right? Right. Right…

*I’ve had a shower three days in a row. It’s like I’m on vacation or something.

So there you go. I went to the gym one time. Woo.

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